Best X-mas presents as chosen by Toilet Observer

Desperate for Christmas gift ideas? Well, what a chance! Toilet Observer compiled a list of the perfect X-mas presents that will make everybody happy.

Let’s do this shit!


Practical gifts are always a brilliant idea! That’s why Poo-Pourri, a before-you-go stink killer, now also in a special Christmas edition, is a great choice. It will ensure that your loved ones leave nothing but the sweet smell of holidays at the loo. What’s not to love?


You will find a specialized Czech Poo-Pourri e-shop here.


For a touch of luxury and sensuality, give the gift of unique, sexy lingerie. The fact that it’s hand-painted makes the whole thing even more perfect – each piece is a genine one-of-a-kind wonder.

PicMonkey Collage2These statement pieces are sold here. Don’t forger to check out the rest of the collection – it’s truly worth it.


The holidays are clearly calling for inspiring literature, which is why the next gift we are suggesting is the adorable Velká kniha čůrání, i.e. The Great Book of Piss. This illuminative volume discusses a truly timeless theme and will certainly delight readers of all ages.


 You can buy the book here, here or here. And probably at some other places, too.


If you however still do not dare to estimate the taste of those you wish to give a present to, go for a gift voucher. You can never make a mistake with that!

Screen Shot 08-04-15 at 03.38 PM

You can download the voucher in pdf format with editable fields in print quality here.

(We are kidding. Do it yourself in MS Word.)


And finally, Toilet Observer is thinking of the little buggers kids, too. The cute plush duo “Pee & Poo” will be certainly close to the heart (and nappies) of every little devil.

Screen Shot 12-10-15 at 11.57 AM

You will find more about Pee & Poo right here.

The last thing you need to do now is to sit back and enjoy the happiness in the eyes of your loved ones when they find these amazing gifts under the tree. Toilet Observer wishes you a very merry Christmas!

Please note: We do not take responsibility for any sort of emotional harm that might be caused by the abovementioned items. 

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