If you don’t live on a desert island you definitely feel the most cheesy time of the year coming. You probably think about what to give to your beloved. Again. For the 23 456th time. Obligatory Socks? Perfume? Shaving foam? Handbag? Sweater? Underwear? Pandora? iPhone23z? So many options…In case you resigned on originality and life, we’ve got you sorted! We’ve prepared the list of gifts that will please just anybody. We guarantee that if you choose some item from the list below, this Xmas will be unforgettable.

1. Slippers

This is an ultimate classic with a twist. Poopy slippers made after the popular poop emoji are available at Amazon. Just like everything.

Suitable for: social networks and emoji lovers, fecalists, constipated friends, people with cold feet, anybody.

2. Bristol stool scale mug

Well this one is something. Bristol stool chart is a useful tool to assess your health. It should therefore be at your sight every day. Why don’t just put it on a mug you drink every day from? Moreover, if this will be your work mug, nobody will drink from it. Guaranteed. You can get it on Amazon again.

Suitable for: hypochondriacs, amateur medics, fecalists, co-workers, somebody you want to really surprise

3. Plush unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream

You’ve definitely noticed that our rotten western world defecates in a totally wrong way. Sitting position is not the best for our colon, we should rather squat. Maybe it’s just a part of the islamists’ plan to ruin the western civilisation, yet american scientists also agreed on the benefits of squatting. This fact was also gracefully promoted by the producer of SquattyPotty, a chair which can help you with that. Gracefully because they used a cute unicorn as a demonstrant. You can get its plush version on SquattyPotty eshop. If you haven’t seen the demonstration video, you really live on a desert island. In case you came back home with the internet for Xmas, watch it here. Dookie the unicorn is available also with the plush…sorbet. All you have to do is pull out the “surprise” ice cream from his bottom and you’ll be saying “I scream, you scream, and plop, plop baby!”

Suitable for: kids, unicorn lovers, homosexuals, anybody who cares about own health and overall wellbeing.

4. Book ‘The Golden Poo’

Another Xmas classic with a twist, especially for your Czech friends. According to the annotation it’s supposed to be a combination of humorous foolishness and serious attempt to make the lands of the Czech crown great again while these two attitudes are uncompromisingly mixed in a typically Czech environment where maybe all of us are fools…well, we don’t get it either yet it’s obviously a timeless piece that mirrors the time we live in. You can buy it in Levne knihy however they don’t have it online so you need to go to the shop. If you’re a lazy bastard, you can get it online on Kosmas for lovely 89 CZK! Definitely worth it!

Suitable for: somebody you don’t want to spend fortune on, book lovers, grandparents, lovers of historic novels, politics and bizzare.

For Xmas inspiration from the previous year click here.

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