Summer Essentials by Toilet Observer

Summer is here, and a number of magazines, blogs and instagrams are telling us what fashion pieces are going to be absolutely indispensable this season. And because we are not afraid of competition and have a lot to contribute too, we put together our very own ultimate list of summer…


Disappointment of the century

Dearest friends, what you see is true – as a title of this article, I am serving you a genuine clickbait, for that is clearly all the rage these days: But I do (to an extent) have a real reason for it! So what’s the deal: Prague’s House of the…



If you don’t live on a desert island you definitely feel the most cheesy time of the year coming. You probably think about what to give to your beloved. Again. For the 23 456th time. Obligatory Socks? Perfume? Shaving foam? Handbag? Sweater? Underwear? Pandora? iPhone23z? So many options…In case you…


Doughnut Battles in a Spa: Café Imperial

Thanks to its luxurious interior, its sharp boss Zdeněk Pohlreich and food which is not completely disgusting, Prague’s Café Imperial belongs among restaurants many people find highly alluring. However, what interests me equally, or perhaps even more intensively than its offer and looks is the legend of Saturnin-inspired doughnut battles that supposedly used to take…


Blue Velvet

That feeling when you are about to set out on a train trip and you are so excited and anxious, literally over-filled with emotions and you need to let loose. So you look for some place to chill but let’s face it – train station toilets are not the place where you…


Overlaid bowles

Your devoted toilet editors recently, ok, it was quite a while ago, went to see a photo exhibition in Café Lajka at Letná in Prague. The author and co-owner Tomáš Vodňanský named it Overlaid bowles or Obložené mísy in Czech which means cold plate. This: Yet it was not a photo story from any conference…


Best X-mas presents as chosen by Toilet Observer

Desperate for Christmas gift ideas? Well, what a chance! Toilet Observer compiled a list of the perfect X-mas presents that will make everybody happy. Let’s do this shit! 1. Practical gifts are always a brilliant idea! That’s why Poo-Pourri, a before-you-go stink killer, now also in a special Christmas edition, is a great choice….