Overlaid bowles

Your devoted toilet editors recently, ok, it was quite a while ago, went to see a photo exhibition in Café Lajka at Letná in Prague. The author and co-owner Tomáš Vodňanský named it Overlaid bowles or Obložené mísy in Czech which means cold plate. This:

Source: http://www.pene.estranky.cz/img/original/63/oblozena-misa-mix..jpg

Yet it was not a photo story from any conference or soirée. The exhibition was described as a presentation of enhanced possibilities of protection at the age of sterility and it really was about different ways of covering a seat with a toilet paper, newspaper or … post-it notes.

Find 10 differences:

Source: http://www.cafelajka.cz/wp-content/uploads/posterA4_na-web.jpg

There was the same toilet on every picture, covered in different ways according to which it was titled – Modest geometry, Silk touch or Sterile obssession just to name few.

IMG_2516   IMG_2511

The theme of the exhibition was born in Tomas’ head when he found out that everybody covers the toilet seat in a different way. Quite remarkable discovery; almost like the recent first direct observation of gravitational waves.

And how do you cover your seat? Are you a hazard lover or a sterility freak?



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